Samoan Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy?

Okay they are miles away from two of the most talked about hip-hop stars in the scene today, but these guys are definitely amusing and engaging.

The tune is catchy and I love how they incorporated traditional island hand clapping to carry the rhythm and accentuate the beat.  The Samoan lyrics are reminiscent of their predecessors Zipso and Shy Guy but they pull it off with blatant bravado and its less choppier than the former crew.

Afatasi Pictures does an okay job at using the Samoan landscape and the Samoan youth to portray that typical laid back style. I’m hoping that to see much more out of these guys. I’m a huge fan of the underground scene and these guys may just be the thing to launch Samoan hip-hop to the forefront of island music.

One thought on “Samoan Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy?

  1. These guys are definitely amusing. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it past 30 seconds of the video. So I can’t really guage their lyrical abilities. They look like some 3rd World kids. If you’re going to make a video, make sure to clean up. At least Rass Mass and Ekredible looked presentable. Zipso, Mr Tee, and Shy Guy had a cool flow and swag. These kids just gotta keep at it.

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