15 Dead, 61 Missing, Millions Mourning

Aussie Mail Carriers
Flood waters in Australia affect everything including the mail

In Brisbane and Ipswich the death toll continues to rise along with the number of missing people as this normally idyllic, tourist town begins the clean up after record flooding. Thousands are without power and a home as the growing number of victims flock to temporary shelter in search of food, medicine and for many, a shoulder to cry on; their lives completely altered by torrential rains that will eventually subside, replaced by mounds of mud and debris.

I remember floods like that in the islands where in the tropics it doesn’t rain, it slops. It rains so much in so little time that roadways turn into river beds. So I can’t imagine what it must be like in Australia where it has been 37 years since the last floods.

In Samoa when it rained like that we were out playing in puddles for hours. I doubt that’s the same sentiment in Australia where flood is only the beginning of the Australian governments problems.

But amongst all the heartache, there are hero’s emerging, like 13-year-old Jordan Rice.

I have family in Brisbane. Lots of family. Sadly I’ve been unable to get a hold of them so I’m praying that they are all well and safe. If you happen to be in Brisbane and have access to the Internet or other forms of communication, please give my love to the Utai family.

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