CERF’in Samoa

Pauga and a school administrator at Sapunaoa Primary School

I’m a big fan of volunteer-ism. I’m especially happy to see and hear of people who are doing their best to help others who are in need.

The Children’s Education Relief Foundation or C.E.R.F. recently sent over 500 pails of paint to Samoa. Their objective? To provide school’s throughout the Independent nation with a new look.

The organizations local Samoan representative, Pauga Fata Talalelei Pauga of Lauli’i was tasked with distributing the buckets of paint to each of the lucky schools.

Pauga will return to each of the schools in a month to take photos of the makeovers.

The recipients of C.E.R.F.’s generosity are: The schools that received the donation are as follows: Manunu Primary School , Saoluafata Secondary School, Samoa Primary School , Laulii Primary School, Nightigale of Wisdom –Preschool, Vaimauga College, Manumalo Primary School, Letogo Primary School, Liahona Primary School, Lufilufi Primary School, Solosolo Primary School, Manono –tai  Primary School, Mulifanua Primary School, Montesorri Primary School, Afega Primary School, Salani  Primary School , Salesatele Primary School, Salesatele Primary School  and Sapunaoa Primary School.

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