It’s Gettin’ Hot ‘n ‘Hur

Nobel Peace Prize Thief and Masseuse Al "Internet" Gore

Yesterday, I wrote an article about how much I detest the Winter months. A few hours later I posted an article about the floods that are causing major issues in Australia. I must have a rare form of suppressed ESP, the stars are aligned for me or maybe that extra dose of Nyquil did the trick because just hours after posting those articles on my blog, I found a piece in The Telegraph in the UK that discussed both of those issues. It made me chuckle because it shows just how crazy everyone else is, and illustrates how our perception of things is in stark contrast wih the rest of the world. Okay, maybe its not that way for you but in my case I definitely need a pair of rose colored glasses.

According to findings in a study by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2010 was the hottest year on record since 1880, breaking the former record in 2005.

That’s funny; because I don’t recall using the air conditioner in my car or in my house very much. Nor do I remember sitting in the shade of the enormous walnut trees in my backyard fanning myself while sipping a cold drink in a lounge chair wearing board shorts and a wife beater with my feet in a bucket of ice.

What I do remember is wondering why it was a cooler than average summer in 2010. And if NASA and NOAA are right and its been SO hot and the temperatures have been gradually climbing for 34 years, shouldn’t it somehow FEEL hot? I’m getting ready to take a group of Scouts on a campout this weekend. Should I openly mock them when they complain about the cool breeze that is forming a layer of ice on the walls of their tent?

I’m not a scientist nor can I scientifically dispute their findings. I just know that when I walk out of the door in the morning to start my car and a blast of cold air hits me in the chest and my car doors are frozen, the law of averages tells me that the cold termperatures we’re experiencing right at this moment should be a clear indication that Al Gore is a nut case and global warming is a farce.

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