Gucci Mane iScream Tattoo
I will NEVER look at ice cream the same way again

In the ongoing list of “Stupid Things People Do”, rapper Gucci Mane has hit a new off-the-charts stupidity ranking for his latest attempt at getting media  attention. This time he has added a tattoo of an ice cream cone to his canvas of skin.

Not only is this disturbing to small children and nuns, it is horrific to the rest of us who have seen much better things a person can do to ‘enhance’ their face. Unlike the Maori moko designs, the ice cream facial can only be chalked up to one word: insanity

Gucci “Maim ” was recently released from Atlanta’s Anchor Hospital psychiatric ward, which gives a pretty good idea of what his state of mind was at the time tattoo artist Shane Willoughby complied with Gucci’s wishes. Apparently Willoughby asked the rapper-gone-nuts several times if it was really what he wanted to do.

Somehow, Mike Tyson seems very brilliant compared to this guy!

Mike Tyson Face Tattoo
Remember the madness?