“Wives” Moving to Vegas?

Cody Brown and the ladies of Sister Wives

It was a sad day in Utah yesterday when it was announced that the Cody Brown family of Lehi had in fact, officially moved to Nevada.

Your question: Cody who?

Is it that guy who won all that money on Jeopardy a while back? Nope, that would be Ken Jennings. He’s too smart.

Is he the guy who won nearly every wrestling match in his life and went on to win a gold medal in the 2004 Olympics? Wrong again. That guy is Cael Sanderson. He’s too strong.

Is it that guy who wears purple socks and a coat of many colors and sings all the time? Way off. That would be Donny Osmond.

The name Cody Brown shouldn’t ring too familiar for most people outside of Utah, maybe even for most Utahns, but if you’re a fan of The Learning Channel (TLC) where you get your pick of a number of noxiously, off colored reality shows, you’ll recognize the name Cody Brown from the show “Sister Wives“.

The show follows the life and times of Cody Brown and his four wives. He’s a ho-hum (no pun intended…mostly) kind of guy who is an advertising agent by day, father of 16 children and husband to four very different women all day and all night. Every time I think of those numbers I think, ‘poor, poor sucker!’

I got suckered into watching the show because some friends (yes, we live in Lehi) were talking about it one day last year after getting their picture taken with Cody at a football game. Okay, not really an entirely true statement because it didn’t take much prodding to get me to watch because who doesn’t want to know about the lives of a local TV (plural) family? Especially one where the kids go to school and play sports with your kids?
At one point in the middle of the second episode I thought to myself, “I can barely hold it together with ONE wife. How does this guy stay sane with FOUR?” I mean, think about it. You have four women asking you to mow the lawn, unclog the sink, clean the garage, unclog the printer, change a light bulb, unclog the toilet, fix the computer, unclog the two-year-old AND make enough money to pay the bills. With all of that going on its no wonder this guy hasn’t tried to unclog his brain with a rifle. (Note: I’m not advocating suicide for any of lifes perils or for any other reason.)

But after a few more episodes I realized, this Cody guy actually has a pretty sweet setup.
His first wife is like the Operations Manager of the household. She keeps everyone on schedule and manages all of the day-to-day operations. His second wife who is like the Human Resources manager. She is the homemaker who generally tends to the needs of the children and makes sure that the house is in order. His third wife is the Financial Officer. She prefers to be outside of the house bringing in money to pay the bills. His fourth and latest wife runs Public Relations. She’s the young rabble-rouser who is not afraid to speak her mind but does so tactfully so that everyone gets along.

And then, there’s Cody, the CEO. He shows up late for meetings and has the final say in most family decisions. He has the nicest car, uses corny catch phrases like, “Love is meant to be shared,” to get everyone invested and his primary function is mergers and acquisitions. Sounds pretty sweet huh?

Sweet, until the government starts threatening you with a law suit because you have more than one mama taking care of daddy’s needs. In today’s world, especially in Utah where we’re all pretty sensitive to this particular lifestyle, that kind of thing just won’t fly.
So rather than stick around and wait for Utah’s Attorney General to find probable cause, the Brown family has decided to relocate to Nevada, citing business/employment opportunities as the primary reason for the move.

It’s a happy day for Nevada because they have 21 more people to add to the work force. I wish them the best. It shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to provide for the family since they’re now contracted for at least two more seasons. I’m just wondering how long its going to take before the pressure of media scrutiny starts to take a toll on all of them.

I may not agree with plural marriage and there’s just too much estrogen in that household for a simple, lazy man like me. But after watching the Brown’s I get the feeling that they are sincere, the children are content and they seem genuinely happy. I wish them the very best and look forward to another season of Sister Wives.

8 thoughts on ““Wives” Moving to Vegas?

  1. Never got around to seeing that show. I always wondered how he could be on TV and breaking the law.

    By the way, these are classic line: “He’s a ho-hum (no pun intended…mostly)”

    I didn’t realize you lived in Lehi.


    1. Hey Luhi, been in Lehi now going on three years. I watched the show out of pure curiosity and found it…interesting.

  2. I am OBSESSED with this family! I have always been drawn to stories about plural marriage and have even offered up the option to my fiance’ (only halfway kidding). He absolutely refused to even consider it siting that he has enough trouble trying to keep me happy! Anyway, I loved their old house and hope they find one in Nevada like it. I really like this entire family and personally see nothing wrong with how they are living their lives. Sure, they are breaking the law, but laws are meant to protect people and I don’t feel that they are doing any harm. Anyway, I wish them all the luck in the world and if my fiance’ ever decides that I’m not the girl for him, maybe I’ll apply to be Cody’s 5th wife!

    1. I totally agree. LOL @ offering the option to your fiance’ and being Cody’s 5th wife. That’s pretty bold. Thanks for visiting and for your comments!

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  3. Caught some of the show online and it was very interesting. I agree with your point about – how in hell does Cody manage to keep up (no pun intended) with FOUR women? But as you point out, the man does get the sweet end of the deal with all the delegating that all the women do and division of labor. Also, another question that i have is how can these women STAND living with each other and their children day in and day out? I think Im speaking from a hermit viewpoint…since I love my personal space/cave and get hugely irritated when I have to share my space with even my …children…and my husband… LOL.

    1. Lani, great minds think alike! I have a hard time relinquishing the remote to any of the other seven people currently living in our home. How does that guy manage keeping the television remote to himself in THAT house? He must have multiple TV’s too! And yes, the space issue is a huge thing with me.

  4. I watched this show once when they were in Utah, but I started watching since they’ve moved, it was just on one nite and I got sucked in, my curiosity got the best of me, it always does!
    I like the whole family! I admire what they have, because I know what it was like to have 1 husband and two children! I am not going to “label” myself a liberal, because I don’t believe in labels, but I don’t see what harm their choice of lifestyle does to anyone. It is their life, their beliefs, their family, their children, their CHOICE and the last time I checked this was America, the country that is based on FREEDOM of speech, choice, & religion. In history, there have been other societies that have had plural spouses, this isn’t something new, well maybe in America, well sorta. Their have been extremists, the Warren Jeff’s of the world that put a bad taste in peoples mouths and minds, but there are extremists with everything in life’s path, human’s will go to extremes, its what some of us do. I think the law is there to control people and their lives, and that I believe its against our countries founding beliefs for freedom of religion, speech, & choice. It falls into human rights, just as same sex marriage, race, gender rights in my opinion.
    I am REALLY amazed that they can pull it off! I too, LOVE my personal space, I guess growing up an only child conditioned me for solitude. Although you always would have a built in babysitting system in your very own family, so maybe you would get me time! lol!
    Anyhow, I will keep watching until I’m tired of watching or until the warm weather comes again, and I can go outside at nite again! lol!
    Rock on Brown’s, I’m in your corner!

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