Movie Review: The Dilemma

The Dilemma Movie Poster
No dilemma here - save your money because this movie stinks!

My wife Jen and I went to a movie with friends this weekend. Ten minutes into it we both felt like our pre-movie notion was confirmed: that the movie was going to be a bomb…A stink bomb.

The Dilemma starring Vince Vaugh, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly, Winona Ryder and Queen Latifah and directed by Ron Howard is already the worst film I’ve seen so far in 2011. Yeah, its still January but chances are, this film will still be one of the worst films I see in 2011 because it was THAT bad.

The pace was lethargic, the jokes fell flat and it tries so hard to be funny that it becomes evident as the movie goes on that this movie is about as funny as your eyeball falling out after you’ve poked it with your drink straw.

The movie is so incredibly boring that at one point that I could hear mice eating the popcorn I dropped under the seats.

If you’re looking for a movie and The Dilemma is the only one running, save your money or go get an ice cream cone.

I give this movie half a (rotten) coconut.

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