New All-Time Low for TV

Stop Sign
Stop this onslaught of child exploitation

I hesitate to even talk about this subject because I don’t want to in any way encourage people to watch this filth through sheer curiosity. But as they say, information is power and we need to take a stand against the proliferation of smut.

Tad Walch of the Deseret News wrote an article yesterday titled “Parent Alert: Most Dangerous Show ever for your Children”. Walch drives home a clear and concise message about a new series on MTV. The controversial cable channel that has made a living on the edge has hit an all time low when the new series premiered last night. The show overtly depicts teenage sexuality, drug abuse and every other vile, corrupt and immoral behavior that MTV could find under a rock and in dark, sordid places.

As a society we all balk at the idea of a middle-aged man sitting in a dingy basement browsing child pornography and yet MTV can peddle this filth and call it art and their right to freedom of expression and no one appears to be appalled. In fact, there are some who are praising MTV for once again pushing the envelope.

Does freedom of expression allow MTV and others like them the ability to exploit children without repercussions or reprimand? If you’re going to prosecute dirty old men for child pornography, shouldn’t clean cut executives be subject to the same laws?

This is another example of the media and Hollywood caring more about their ratings and less about corrupting children and desecrating the family. I don’t care what your politics are, your religious beliefs or social status. When people target our children I would hope that there would be public outrage.

We have protesters for animal rights and environmental protection but has anyone thought to protest for the rights of human decency and the protection of our children from the vulgar, obscene material hawked by network and cable providers like MTV?

Yes, we can turn it off if we don’t want to watch it. And yes, it is ultimately our responsibility as parents to educate and block such programming from our TV’s and our homes but when are we going to say as a society that, ‘Enough is enough’ to people advancing an immoral agenda?

Or is the message that we’re sending to our children that we just don’t care? Maybe we have just become so desensitized as a society that we really aren’t concerned about what’s happening to our children and youths?

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