The Super Bowl made me cheer

As a follow-up to an earlier post about the Super Bowl, I’m happy to say that I was actually invited to several Super Bowl gatherings. To the brave souls who extended the invitations, thank you so much for your generosity. I didn’t get a chance to be annoying, nor did I consider ruining it for true fans of the Super Bowl because to be quite honest, the game was really entertaining. The Packers were definitely on fire last night and the Steelers, well let’s just say they didn’t give me a lot to cheer about. Even the NFL’s 2011 Defensive MVP Troy Polamalu seemed frazzled last night as Green Bay kept him pretty much out of the game except on a busted play where Polamalu misread coverage and allowed a TD at a crucial point in the game.

Almost everyone in my small circle of friends watched the game last night. But the word “watched” is used liberally in the context of the game because no one truly watches the on-field action anymore. In fact, in recent years the actual game has become secondary to the commercials, the half-time show and anything else the televising network can squeeze into that four-plus hour time frame.

My wife (and a large percentage of the female population) for example watches the game for the commercials. I have to admit, there were some entertaining ones and they should be if they are paying that much money for a national forum to push their products. And there are always a handful that raise eyebrows or create controversies that the world will be talking about longer than anyone will ever talk about the game. I think people are getting tired of’s ongoing attemtps at tearing off Danica Patrick’s clothes. And did anyone catch the fact that there seemed to be a whole lot of car commercials? By the way I didn’t have a lot of favorites this time around but I did get a good chuckle out of the Faith Hill ad for Teleflora.

Not a big fan of the half-time show either. The Black Eyed ‘Kill-Me-Please‘ are an entertaining bunch when they’re on XM Satellite. But every time they’re featured in a live performance I can’t help but wonder why the hell they haven’t invested in a few voice coaches over the years. But I guess if people are buying your crap why change the formula? You got a pretty face, a guy who dresses like a drag queen and two mysterious dudes who occasionally yell something in a microphone to remind everyone that they are part of the group too. The whole group mouths inaudible and unintelligble words over some catchy beat tracks, a base line and you have a bunch of half-dressed dancers in the background. What else do you need? Well, there is that talent thing people remember from back-in-the-day. Eh, who needs it? Oh and celebrities trying to push a political agenda is as old and tired as George Clooney, Bono and Jeff Spicoli. You’re singing at a freaking football game you’re not going to save the economy and Africa between the opening kick-off and the awarding of the Lombardi Trophy.

And who needs set lyrics when you can make ’em up as you go? Apparently Christina Aguillera felt that way last night when she shanked the National Anthem by forgetting the lyrics and covering it up by inserting her own words into the mix. I still don’t get how you forget the words to the National Anthem. Did she have one too many cocktails before taking the mic? A case of indigestion from an expired bag of Doritos? Whatever the case, Christina went from bad to worse when she started warbling like a drunken Panda with a hair ball stuck in her throat. It was probably a moment Christina wishes she was lip-syncing instead of actually singing.

Aside from all the flops and the fluff that take away from the actual game, the game itself was by far the star of the show. Every once in awhile a Super Bowl comes along that really makes you wanna cheer for the athletes, the teams and the sport. Last night was one of the games. Forget about all the rest.

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