Day One USA Sevens Rugby

Our Las Vegas host Miti Pula and the boys enjoying pani popo

Day one of our USA Rugby Sevens experience is off to a slow start after the drive down to Las Vegas from Utah last night. We made it down here in record time thanks to our Fijian Flyer, Isoa Toribau, in the drivers seat. The conversations on a 300-mile drive swing on a pendulum of extremes from our individual professions (an engineer, a data analyst and a business analyst) to the people who make us better by their mere presence and association…our wives.

After our short drive down (seriously, it was short and I am so grateful it was), we were hosted for an impromptu gathering of dear friends by Miti Pula in his Las Vegas home.
We’re on our way to Sam Boyd Stadium in just a moment. Sadly we’re not very interested in getting there early because our Pacific Island teams are playing later in the Pool matches. Fiji is the first PI team to play (against before noon, followed immediately by Samoa. I’ll bring a full update of the day’s highs and lows later this evening with some photo’s directly from the games.

Manuia and go Manu, Fiji, New Zealand, USA, Australia and our PI players from around the world.

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