Be spontaneous

Boys in Tokyo - Narita Airport
Boys in Tokyo - Narita Airport

She’s going to hate me for posting this on my blog but there are times when I just have to brag about her.

Before I met her, I was a creature of habit. If anything was disturbed, misplaced or out of synch, I had a hard time functioning until I could find my balance again. She is a spontaneous pulse of positive energy. I always tell people that if you could bottle up her energy you might be able to supply power to an entire city. And when she sets her mind to something…WATCH OUT! She will do everything and anything it takes to get it done and do it right. I’m glad that she is the nucleus and the energy source for our family. I like to refer to it as “Jenergy” because she is incapable of understanding the word “stop”, she’s always moving, thinking, running or talking.

It is in stark contrast to who I was and to a certain degree, I remain the same boring, brooding procrastinator she has tried so often to salvage. I’ve been lucky to have her because some of that determination has rubbed off on me. I don’t believe I’ll ever have that constant flow of energy but I like to think that I’m getting better in the war of wills department.

One of the incredible lessons she has taught in life is that spontaneity is one of the ingredients essential to happiness. She loves to surprise me. One of our first trips together was to Bermuda. It remains one of our most favorite places where we have treasured memories together.

We’ve traveled the world together. I ruined some of those trips by being stubborn. She made them fun and worthwhile. I regret those days and hope to return to those exotic locales with her one day to do it right. One of the last big (and most enjoyable) trips we had as a family was a result of her spontaneity.

We had planned to fly to Jerusalem to experience the Holy Land. Sadly, we chose the same week the Pope was visiting the same destination and for a better cause (not that a vacation is anything to balk at). So we stood in front of the departures screen and went down the list of flights that we could hop on. We finally decided on Tokyo, Japan. Armed with enthusiasm and a little bit of anxiety, we boarded the plane to Japan and just let destiny be our guide. It is one of the most incredible times we’ve had as a family and its all because there is no quit in her.

When the BYU Cougars beat teams this year they say, “You’ve been Jimmered!” referring to their star guard who can shoot the lights out. So from here on out when she comes through for our family I’m going to say, “You’ve been Jennerd!” because she shoots for the stars every day and she does it all for us. I love my wife!

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