How March makes me mad

We’re entering one of my favorite times of the year – March Madness. I grew up playing, watching and cheering for my favorite basketball teams and players. I followed the same players into the NBA. I grew up on a steady diet of basketball and though I may not be able to run up and down a court like I used to, I will always look forward to this time of year. I love the excitement and cheering for the underdog.

For a few weeks I forget who I am, I neglect all of my duties as a father, husband and leader to watch basketball at its highest and purest form. I eat, sleep, drink and breathe basketball.

It will be fun watching local team BYU and Mountain West Conference champs San Diego State who torched the Cougars over the weekend for the title. I’ve always been a fan of UCLA and North Carolina, both of which are in the tournament this year. Duke is the team I love to hate and there are teams like Connecticut and Kansas who always find a way to fight their way into the tournament.

Ready for the madness? I can’t wait!

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