Thugs should be in jail, not playing sports

Rugby, is a beautiful sport. It is a total team sport that allows its combatants to utilize a combination of speed, skill, brawn and brains to gain advantages and expose an opponents weaknesses. It can be a brutal sport but when it is played with class and within the rules, it is unlike any other sport in the world.

Unfortunately, there are a few of our Pacific Islander young men who are ruining the sport but using thuggery and dirty tactics rather than using skill to overcome their opposition. This morning I watched as a team of PI boys kicked, punched and stamped on the boys I coach, something that I NEVER like to see no matter who is playing. It is upsetting enough for me to write about it. As the game progressed and our boys continued to score tries, the unpleasant behavior, crude language and indiscipline did not cease. In fact, it escalated.

Why are young thugs like that allowed to play any sport? Why didn’t their coaches or parents pull their kids out after the first infraction? Have we digressed so far from sporting decency and class that we have to alter the outcome of the game with our fists? Aren’t these bullies being taught at home?

I’m annoyed. I’m extremely upset. Not just because my players were dealt severe blows to the head and blindsided at every turn but because this should NEVER happen and it should not be condoned. Will it end? Not likely because they are not being taught properly at home and on their team. But these clowns continue to give Polynesians a bad reputation and they are ruining the sport I love.

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