It’s down to the top 40 in the talent search for Stadium of Fire, one of the biggest and best 4th of July celebrations in the country. I voted today (polls close at midnight) and you should too. I originally visited the site to promote a very talented young man whose parents have been dear friends of mine for years. But I didn’t vote based solely on my friendship with Bott and Lala Mulitalo. I voted for their son EJay because the kid is extremely talented. One of the best I’ve been blessed to see and hear.

If you get a chance, go out and vote for him. I also endorse (not that my vote for any of my political horses won or made a difference) a young man by the name of Bowen Revill. Once again, his parents are my friends but I’m pleasantly surprised by Bowen’s voice.

Here are the videos from YouTube: