Chris Medina is an example of dedication

Confession: I watch American Idol. I could give you a list of reasons why I shouldn’t but I tell you why I do. Because its fun to watch someone go from zero to hero. And every now and then, you hear of a great human interest story that inspires us to be better. They are the stories that happen behind the curtain, outside of the realm of the eventual winner. I’ve enjoyed watching the rise of young stars like Jennifer Hudson (Season 3) who didn’t win the coveted title of American Idol, but she has gone on to national and international fame with her breakthrough in the movie Dreamgirls as well as her singing career. All of this marred by the murders of her mother Darnell Donnerson and brother Jason.

The latest ‘feel good’ story out of the AI camp is the story of Chris Medina, along with fiancee Juliana Ramos who was injured in a car wreck and is wheelchair bound, were featured in a profile during the auditions. Medina made it through Hollywood week but was eliminated early on by the judges.

The couples story has touched many lives since he first appeared on the show and support from all over the country is pouring in to provide assistance including benefit events to raise money for Ramos’ medical expenses. Much of the press has been ameliorated due to Medina’s willingness to sacrifice his own career ambitions to stay by and support Ramos.

From what I’ve read in the media, Chris Medina is a much stronger and much more dedicated than I am. I honestly can’t say that I would have chosen to do the same thing had I been in Medina shoes, especially at such a young age.

This story is an incredible example of devotion and commitment and I applaud Medina for his courage. And others are noticing, including Topher Grace who initially pledged $35K to Medina’s cause while Medina was on air with American Idol host and celebrity MC Ryan Seacrest. Later on in the same radio broadcast, Topher pledged 1% of all box office earnings from his latest movie, Take Me Home Tonight to the Medina-Ramos camp.

It’s always fun to hear that good people like Ramos are doing good things for the people they love.

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