Senator Craig, is that you?

My What The Friday? random thoughts for the day:

The Freduckerberg Brothers?
Is it possible that Mark Zuckerberg and BYU’s is Jimmer Fredette are brothers? I saw pictures of these two side-by-side and I swear they are brothers. Contrast: Athlete vs. Geek. Tomato-Tomatoe, they still look like brothers. They are the reason why dudes in the media spotlight should take Lady Gaga’s lead and shop at a Bizarre is Beautiful store.

Senator Craig, is that you?
I was in the restroom at work the other day and some guy was on his cell phone having a conversation with someone who I’m sure was unaware that the dude in the restroom was “working” while he was “working”. Who in their right mind talks on their cell phone while they’re doin’ their do-do? Another reason why I think some things just aren’t THAT important.

If I can’t have it, no one can!
Is this guy kidding? An NFL fan is suing the Cleveland Browns and the NFL for breach of contract. Really? Should I sue Beto’s every time that dude doesn’t produce my breakfast burrito right at 7AM because it has put me behind schedule for the morning commuter derby? He’s another reason why I think some sports fans need more therapy than the rest of us.

I’ll bring back 1,000 Muslims…what the…?
She was charged with grand larceny, criminal posession and endangering the welfare of a child, but that didn’t stop Carolyn Taylor from showing up to the courthouse in stiletto boots and a whole lotta’ crazy. In her tirade directed towards photographers she states, “Next time I’m coming back here with a thousand Muslims and kick your [donkey].” She’s another reason some people should not have the power to  pro-create.

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