Give it what you got and you get what you’re not

There are very successful people all over the world. Believe it or not, I have friends who are successful in very diverse realms. Some are lawyers, businessmen, athletes and artists. If there is a central theme with all of these successful people that I’ve studied or have the privilege to know, it is that they are incredibly dedicated and have a tireless work ethic.

I’ve always wanted to find success, particularly when it comes to writing. When crafting a story there is a thought process that helps breathe life into the words and evokes emotions or sows a thought in the reader. It can give people inspiration, it can stir up anger or it can calm fears. Regardless, it provides me with an outlet. It is what I’ve always believed to be my ticket to fame and success. I’ve been pouring my efforts in the wrong place.

It’s hard to admit it, but I know now that there is a different calling; a calling that I’ve served in for many years but I’ve neglected because my passions have been elsewhere and now I know that it is where I belong. There is a higher power that inspires all of us. That power is known by many different names. The higher power that governs my belief system has been telling me all these years that I have something to offer and that something is time.

There are young men, in and around our communities that need our help. They need our attention and our encouragement. They are starving for attention. They are thirsting for knowledge to prepare them for a world that is unforgiving, demanding and often cruel.

I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for the men and women who volunteer their time to help young people whether its in Scouting, youth camps, tutoring, coaching, mentoring and more. I am comforted by the fact that there are people in our communities who spend a large amount of time teaching and helping my sons. I owe them and the only way that I can repay them (let’s face it I’m not rich and can’t hand them a check), is by donating my own time to help young men become good citizens.

People often say that it is rewarding to help others. I’ve never understood that when you’re helping someone move into a new home or cut a tree. But watching young men become good people is rewarding. It is a challenge that humbles me. While on the surface it appears that we are teaching these young men, my experience has been the opposite. I’m learning so much more from them.

I may never be a successful, famous writer but as I watch young men succeed I believe that I share in that success. And I’m beginning to feel like that is the success that matters most.

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