Here’s your list

Is there anything more useless than a To-Do List that you don't use? Yes, a list of the Times' 100 Most Influential People

I use lists every day of my life. I have a To-Do list that I look at before the start of each day. I have detailed To-Do list’s that breaks down each task in the primary To-Do list. I have playlists for my workout (assuming that I have the motivation to workout), a list of exercises that I would like to complete during the workout and a list of people to avoid while I’m working out.

At work I have a client list, a directory that lists all of my major contacts and I have list of people that I would like to go out to lunch with during the week.

At home we have a shopping list. We have a chore list. We have a list of suggested dinners for the week/month. I also have a list of activities attached to the calendar on my cell phone that reminds me of upcoming birthdays, events, activities and more.

What would we do without lists?

I’m not sure how I would function without lists but I can tell you that there are a lot of lists that I’d like to see disappear.

Like those useless lists that Time Magazine puts out telling the common folk who the 100 most influential people are each year. How influential are these 100 people? They are so influential I only recognize names like Oprah Winfrey, the Obama’s, Benjamin Netanyahu,  Mark Wahlberg and a handful of others. And none of them can influence or significantly alter my lifestyle, my relationships or even my thought process except of course Barack Obama. Oh and by the way, Justin Beiber? Chris Colfer? Really?

I’d like to start a list called “The 100 People Who Made Gas Prices Go Up!“, and attach their pictures to the list so that we can smack their kids around every time we see them on the street.

We need a list of “Top 25 White Collar Criminals in your City” just so that we can keep tabs on them when we’re shopping for say, auto and home insurance.

And how easy would it be when we go to the polls if we had a list called “10 Politicians you should NOT waste your vote on“?

There were lists circulating the Internet titled, “You know you’re Samoan/Tongan/Hawaiian/Filipino/Fijian if…” I don’t need to have lavalava’s draped over my windows, a mama with feet bigger than my dad’s or a brother named Junior to know that I’m Samoan – stop it!

I’m now in the process of compiling a bucket list – you know…a list of things that you must do before you die? The list to end all lists? It should be a pretty concise and precise list:

  1. Make sure everyone I love is taken care of and knows how much I love them
  2. Make sure that I apologize to anyone whom I’ve offended over the years
  3. Make sure I’m dead before I am condemned to a wheelchair, a Cadillac and adult diapers
  4. Leave a list of reasons why people should forget I ever inhaled oxygen and took up space on earth
Whatever you use your lists for, make sure you stick to them religiously. I try to, and when I do, it seems to work out just fine. 

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