The Amateur Poet

I stumbled across some old stuff I wrote centuries ago and thought it would be fun to share it with you. I’m not a poet and would never make a living as one but back when I wrote this I somehow thought that I could sit down, give it a shot and hope that I would get better. It never happened. Poe, Browning, Burns, et al would have asked me to quit, but I share it with you to give you a good laugh.

I Can’t Cry

I can’t cry
The cut is too deep
I’m shocked
At being treated so cheap

I want to understand
But thoughts stir anger
Bring malice, blame
The more I think
The more harsh
Is my pain

How can someone
I love so dear
Discard memories
We shared sincere?

Did you give thought
To my passion?
Why have you rent
Our hearts asunder
With reckless abandon?

Our love was unblemished’
Wholesome, priceless, pure
You sold it for naught
Lust, allure

I bought you stability
Safety from pain
You repaid me
With dishonor
Heartbreak, shame

I’m left with pain
Beyond compare
Yet still I love you
Through hurt, despair

No one knows
The hurt you’ve caused
Yet my love endures
Gives more
Gives pause

You will never
Be alone
In me
You are home

Never entertain
Doubt about me
Because in me is love
And in me
That love is free

If asked today
“For what would you die?”
My reply?
“For God, for love,
for Life”

But give me
A reason for living
Be my rock
Be my strength
Be my reason for being

I can’t cry
The cut is too deep
But deeper still
Is my love
Come share it
Please be with me

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