Where’s my kid? I guess I better call the cops, right?

Let me set it up for you.

You are out partying with your friends. You come home in the wee hours of the morning completely plastered to find that your two-year-old daughter is missing. What would you do?

Would you

A) Call the police
B) Call the police or
C) Go to bed, wake up the next morning and resume life as usual – going to parties, entering swimsuit contests and promoting more parties

I think if I were in that situation I’d most likely call the police. You? I don’t have a daugther, but if any of my sons went missing at two-years-of age you can guarantee that I would turn my neighborhood, my town, my State and Country upside down until I find him.

Apparently Casey Anthony never felt that way. In fact, the now 25-year-old, who has been held in a Florida jail on suspicion of murder waited 30-days…30-days to report that her daugther was missing. If you are a parent, even if you’re not a parent, can you imagine waiting even 30 minutes to call the authorities and report your child’s disappearance?

And now that she’s finally standing trial for the death of her daughter, Anthony and her defense team insist that the little girl drowned in her grandparents’ swimming pool. Does anyone else think that sounds even more suspicious and stupid? What did the little girls grandparents think when Anthony kept showing up with the little two-year-old girl? Did they just assume that the she had run away and waited 30-days to send a letter from Indonesia informing the family that she’d had enough of life in Florida and had set out on her own to discover the world and find herself?

Every single member of that family is guilty in some way, shape or form. Whether little Caylee Anthony drowned in a swimming pool or she was murdered by her mother, no one, not even an adult deserves to be mistreated the way that Caylee was.

How often do you feel frustrated by your child or children and you want to strangle them? I confess, sometimes my sons are a bit too much to handle. But I’ve never in all of the time they’ve been under my care, wondered if life would be better without them let alone killing them for my own selfish desires. On the contrary; I’ve thought about life without them and I can tell you this, the only thoughts that go through my head are thoughts and feelings of utter and complete sadness if any of them were not here in my home giving me headaches, heartaches and most often, happiness!

I would have never made it through the jury selection process because whether she actually murdered her little girl or not, in my mind Casey Anthony is still guilty. Guilty of being an unfit, selfish, self-centered woman who put her needs before the needs of her child.

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