I have a question

When I was a kid in grade school there was one thing you could never get me to do. My mom insisted on it, my dad encouraged it, my teachers demanded it, but I relented.

No, it wasn’t eating raw eggs, or wearing a pair of tights or shaving my head. Been there, done all of that. In fifth grade I was dared by my friends to throw snowballs at oncoming cars. Did that, did the time.

No, the one thing that you could not get me to do when I was in school was – ask the teacher a question. Did you ever have that problem? I especially was against the idea of asking questions in front of the other kids in the class. Now that was downright stupid as far as I was concerned because you didn’t want the other kids to think…well, that you are stupid. The only problem was that my iron will and determination to act like I was too smart to ask a question, pretty much solidified the belief by most people that I was actually…stupid. Because it never helped me in school and I was a poor student because of it.

It has taken a long time but I’ve finally shed myself of that annoying habit of acting like I know everything (well, somewhat – I have limits) and refusing to ask people questions. Now it can be argued that I ask too many questions.

So here’s a question that has been bugging me for the better part of a day now: Why does ABC have a ‘sister’ channel called ABC Family when it is very obvious by their programming that they don’t really have the family in mind?

I walked past a room in my house and noticed the TV on. It annoys me when the boys leave the TV on so I strode across the room and was about to turn it off when a teaser (the term is literal in this sense) for “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” flashed (again, the term is literal here boys and girls) across the screen.

First thought: WTH!

Second thought: Are my sons watching this crap?

First reaction: Research and blog

Second reaction: Ban boys from watching ABC Family

Same question, different presentation: Why does ABC include the word ‘family’ when its clear that all its trying to do is confuse parents into allowing their kids to watch actors portray adult topics?

Normally I would say, ‘Boys, you’re not allowed to watch this show on this channel because I’m not comfortable with some of its content. Unfortunately, after watching a few more of the teasers I was convinced that ABC “Family” needed a MTV-esque blanket ban and statement because No. 4 and No. 5 are not prepared for some of the ‘stuff‘ they’re being exposed to on that “Family” channel.

The subject matter includes playful topics like abortion, incest, rape, weed, sex with multiple partners and the over indulgent, self-gratification continues on that vein. Sound like winning programming to you? Definitely no bueno for me. And definitely no watchy for the boys.

I know, kids are going to hear it on the playground anyway, right? Not always and definitely not in the way that ABC Family is hawking the goods. In the show “Pretty Little Liars” you get more of the same subject matter with an added bonus this season – High School student-teacher romance. Since when did it become okay for teachers to have relations with their students? Anyone remember the name MaryKay Letourneau? Sex with a minor, no matter what the circumstances, is against the law. And yet, here is ABC Family glorifying it and pandering for students and teachers who are interested in having an illicit affair or a tryst.

I may be preaching to the choir; I may be way off target with this one; I may be getting old and it may be that I’m just a prude. So you be the judge. Take a moment to visit their website. Click around for a few minutes and tell me your impression. I’m anxious to know if I’m getting crazier as the days go by or if I just need someone to prove me wrong.

If I’m right, than ABC should drop the word ‘family’ and go with something that better suits their level of programming. Maybe, ABC Family Killer? ABC’s of Sex? ABC Not For Families? How about ABC Come Get Jiggy ‘Wit Me?

Whatever! I’m off to teach my kids about the birds and the bees. Boys, gather ’round the TV. We’re gonna watch PBS!

One thought on “I have a question

  1. You’re right in being concerned about television programming content these days. Writer’s and producers are slick with the content and material they introduce to their demographic as well as other viewers. They cross market specific clients/celebs who were in blockbuster movies and move them into television in hopes that their following finds their way to their television series. Cross marketing clients/celebs is Hollywood’s secret weapon. Definitely continue to filter what the boys watch. Most televisions now have parental control codes. (I used that on my brother.) So everytime he wanted to watch a channel or program that was rated higher than PG13, he’d have to ask me to come type in the code. I was busy in the middle of something, he wouldnt bother asking. lol But if he did muster up the courage to ask, 9 times out of 10 I’d watch along to see what the show was about and if a scene came on and he squirmed with discomfort I’d say “Yeah! This show is AWESOME! Let’s watch more!”. Only making him more uncomfortable, to the point where he’d leave and I’d say “yeah. That’s what I thought buddy!” lol

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