Today, I’m fighting back

I’m battling the bulge…and I’m losing the war. I know we all like to tell ourselves that age is only a number but when it comes to eating, dieting, weight loss, health, age is a telling factor.

Just a five years ago I’m sure that I could eat a side of beef, head to the gym and still be fit and trim. Today, I can still eat a side of beef but you will be able to tell right away that at some point between this morning and my midnight snacks, I ate a cow.

Remember the days as a kid when you could eat anything, even in large quantities and not gain a pound? Believe it or not (friends have incriminating still photos to verify this), I was a skinny kid who could barely pack on 165 pounds on my 6-foot-2-inch frame. Now? Forget about it. I eat a Cheeto and I gain 20lbs.

I need to get serious about staying healthy though because I know my body and its telling me, “Hey you with the flab hanging over your belt! Time to think about scaling back on the trips to Dairy Queen and increase your visits to the gym.”

Gone are the days of trying to look like a Banana Republic male model. I’ve never been accused of being a gym rat either. But with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease at the top of the list of “Pacific Islander Killers” there’s no arguing what I must do: Get my heart, my lungs and ultimately my body in shape for the second half of life.

I can’t speak for other people but when I want to get something done the first thing I have to do is tell someone. Here’s the kicker though – It can’t be Super Mom. Why? Because Super Mom loves me and she caves in to me all the time. So I’m telling you…The entire world that I’m going to get into shape. When I have more than just Super Mom on my back chances are I’m going to get off my butt because I don’t want to hear everyone calling me fat.

I admire people who are passionate about staying in shape. Super Mom’s like that. No matter how tired she is in the morning, she drags herself out of bed and runs at least three miles. I on the other hand, run for the kitchen. That’s gonna change.

If you’re interested in taking this leg of the journey with me, mark your calendar today and write your current weight and waist. Maybe I’ll even go as far as taking a picture of myself and posting it everywhere in my house, on my laptop and use it as my motivation to stay on task.

If you’re already in shape, maybe you can make it a goal to run a little farther, lift heavier weights or run a marathon. Whatever it is, I’m throwing down the gauntlet. In the next 30-days my attainable goal is to lose ten pounds.

How am I going to do it? For one thing, change my eating habits. I think diet is my biggest ‘Goliath’. I’m cutting out soda and sweet drinks and sticking to good ‘ol, reliable water. And I’ll drink lots of it. I’m also going to watch my food intake and most importantly, watch the types of foods I eat.

Maybe I should get into some of the new fad training regimens like P90X or drive down to North Salt Lake and sweat off the excess with Netta in one of her Hot Hula classes…nah, not my style but if you’re gonna go with anyone, I have it on good authority that she’s one of the best. Whatever it is, I’m going to give it my best effort.

I’ll give you an update each week on my progress. I challenge you to do the same. Wish me luck!

One thought on “Today, I’m fighting back

  1. Rootin’ for ya! (I did the same, by the way, with the worst offenders for my reflux. It’s helped some!)

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