One week update – Weight Challenge

It has been one week since I decided that I was going to get serious about my battle with the bulge and as promised, I’m giving you my very first update on my progress. There’s not a whole lot to report other than the fact that I’m feeling great.

When I jumped on the scale last Friday I was a woeful, miserable mess at 250lbs. According to the Ideal Weight Calculator on my ideal weight for my height and frame size is approximately 172lbs to 197lbs. Obviously the creators of any weight calculators did not consult a Polynesian/Pacific Islander. What’s more obvious? I have a long way to go. I doubt I will get down to 197lbs because to be honest I’m not that serious about looking like a skeleton or eating like a bird. But if I can get into a pair of jeans with a 34-inch waist before Christmas without making it look like I’m going to cut off circulation to the lower half of my body I’m calling it a success story.

So here’s the update: this morning I jumped on the scale and weighed in at a whopping 243lbs! Not a huge number as far as weight loss but I’m getting closer to my goal of 230lbs by the end of September. Three months to reach my goal.

To achieve success I have slowly altered my eating habits and diet. I’ve cut down on my meal portions, I’m eating healthier meals and snacks and I’ve eliminated all soft drinks from my diet. That last bit has been my biggest struggle, but now that I’m not consuming copious amounts of Dr. Pepper (I had my last soda about three weeks ago) I’m feeling a lot better and ironically have more energy than when I was dependent on the caffeine and sugar to keep me going.

Today will mark the first entire week that I have exercised regularly in four months. It was an absolute heavyweight bout with myself to find the motivation to go to the gym or do something active each day. But even with just a week of daily exercise I’m already feeling ten times better than I did without the regular activity.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m not trying to be on a calendar or anything like that, but I’m definitely committed to feeling better and being healthier.

Wish me luck this week, especially since it’s a holiday weekend here in the United States. Less hamburgers and hotdogs – more watermelon and carrot sticks!

2 thoughts on “One week update – Weight Challenge

  1. Wait, seven pounds in one week? That’s a pretty huge number, actually! Congrats on the first week under your (already looser) belt 🙂

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