Like many others around the nation, I’ve been fascinated by this case and the bizarre twists and turns that eventually led to Casey Anthony’s acquittal in the murder of her daughter Caylee.

Many are outraged at the handling of the case that seemed so cut and dry and yet so complex. I’m still stunned that the prosecution did not do a better job of presenting its case against Anthony. Incompetence? Perhaps, but we have no clue what back-room maneuvering was done outside of the public eye.

Now there is even more ire in the courtroom of public opinion as Anthony, who was released last night, stands to make thousands of dollars each year through interviews, a possible book deal and I am certain that there will be television and movie deals in the works soon (if not already).

There are even reports that Anthony had been receiving donations while she was in jail from anonymous donors to aid in her defense and to help her get back on her feet. That’s awesome don’t you think? Someone is accused of killing a child and people open up their checkbooks. I don’t understand that but then again, there’s not a lot about this case that makes a whole lot of sense.

I’m all about forgive and forget, don’t jump to conclusions and don’t be judgmental but it’s hard to forget a case like this when the one person who can answer the questions about a little girls death is now free to start her life all over again and she will probably make a lot of money in the process. And members of her family or anyone tied to this case will probably make money on a little girl’s death too. A little girl whose justice will be postponed until someone who is brave enough to provide additional information on the case comes forward. And even then, I’m not sure that Anthony can ever be tried again for the murder.

Murder trial aside, I think it’s just tacky to profit from a crime. And, I don’t agree with hiding her from the public eye. I still think she’s guilty of something. If you’re a praying person, pray that justice will eventually be found in this case and in all other cases like them. Killing another person is a crime. Killing a child is cowardice reprehensible.