No matter how you spell it, it’s stealing

I hesitate to write about hackers because they could screw me up real good and I would never know it. Even with the proper security protocols in place they could take my personal information, give me a virus and basically make my life miserable. In the past I dabbled in hacking but honestly there are a few reasons why I couldn’t stomach it. The primary reason being that it violates the privacy of others. I would even go as far as saying that they are the equivalent of your garden variety felon.

It’s an exciting undertaking and like any other unlawful activity it provides an adrenaline rush. I look at it as the equivalent of someone breaking into your home, eating your food, taking a dump on your carpet, going through your underwear drawer, brushing their teeth with your toothbrush and sleeping in your bed without ever actually setting foot inside your house. It is that invasive.

Today FBI agents arrested  16 people involved in the hacking group ‘Anonymous’. The group is responsible for hacking into large corporations such as AT&T and PayPal. Again, it’s like robbing a bank without ever putting a gun to a teller’s head and asking the manager for the combination to the safe. The kicker is, these guys do it for fun.

If you’ve never had your identity stolen, have you at least lost your wallet or purse just to have someone clean out your entire account and rack up charges on your credit cards? The financial toll is insurmountable. On top of that, victims of identity theft often fall into severe depression having lost everything to people who give no thought to the destruction they leave in their wake.

They may not threaten you with bodily harm, they may not endanger your life, rape your women or traumatize your kids, but they are criminals and every bit as felonious as criminals who do threaten your life. In fact, they may be worse because they hide behind the glare of their computer screens using anonymity as their cloak and deception as their club. If you’re going to steal from me at least have the decency to laugh in my face while you walk away with my stuff so that I can burn your face in my memory and remember your smile when I eventually get a shot at knocking out your teeth!


2 thoughts on “No matter how you spell it, it’s stealing

  1. Identity theft is such a personal violation. As much as I enjoy my anonymity, I actually am grateful that my achievements still stand and can be googled because I’d be a hard individual from whom to steal an identity. I’m still fearful of this particular violation happening to me. Good post!

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