I am 50…going on 17

I'd totally rock this outfit but I got a reputation to uphold (from costumeshop.us.com)

Remember that scene in The Sound of Music? Yeah, if there is a dated reference that would be the one and I can’t believe that I’m admitting that I know scenes and lines from The Sound of Music but oh well, it was my mom’s favorite so I’m going with it. At least I drew the line at wearing lederhosen. A guy has a reputation to uphold.

Anyway, in the scene one of the Von Trapp girls sings a song about wanting to grow up so that she can move and see the world with the love of her life. I bring it up because kids can’t wait to grow up and yet there are some people who can’t seem to act their age.

I saw it when I was a kid and I see it now that I’m an older kid: people who act like they are still 19-years-old. I wonder if they know that their behavior is more appalling and a lot more embarrassing than, well, 19-year-olds.

Have you ever come across a couple of 50-year-olds making out in the back seat of their car? I’m happy that they still have that passion for each other and some may even think it’s cute but did you stop to think that there’s a difference between being parked on the side of the road on a remote stretch of highway and being parked in the grocery store parking lot? Uh, there’s kids out here and they are trying to figure out why grandma and grandpa are trying to eat each other’s faces off!

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around this one – Why are you expending so much energy at the club when you had so little energy to pick up a broom to sweep your house this morning or put a pot roast in the oven for your kids’ dinner? You walk into the club and the first thing you see is that mom-of-seven on top of the table whipping her bright orange hair around like she’s channeling Willow Smith when she should be whipping her apron on to make some cookies for the neighbors.

Guys you’re not off the hook either. If you still think that knocking back alcohol and booze like a frat boy living off an endowment and spending all your weekends with the boys while your wife and kids are cleaning up the “Any Given Sunday” aftermath, something is really wrong. There are guys who spend hours hanging out with ‘the boys’ or who are consumed by other activities and yet they have very little time to nurture relationships with their spouse and children.

How do I know? Because I was that guy. I had a million other things to do instead of helping around the house or tending the kids. It was not fun putting kids in the tub, cooking dinner or reading bedtime stories. There were times when I wanted to let loose and just have fun. But time is a masterful teacher and time taught me that it’s fun to let your hair down every now and then and just enjoy life. But there’s also a time when you have to do a self-assessment of your life and what is best for you and the people you are responsible for at home.

No one is perfect and everyone has their own definition of perfection. But there’s a time for all things and when there are people counting on you to be a responsible adult, I wonder if we should act like one.

5 thoughts on “I am 50…going on 17

  1. Sound of Music! “so long farewell, avidazen, adieu. I’d like to hello to ya and ya and ya” MY FAVORITE MOVIE.

    Great post! Truthful! I’ll be putting this on autotweet when I get home! People need to read this!

  2. Guilty conscience speaking here, but Amen and Amen. I can still cut loose, but you’re right. Time and place… time and place.

  3. Amen to that!

    I know you own some “lederhosen”, stop fighting the feeling and slap those bad boys on!

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