Find pure meaning in your gratitude

Imagine this – you are driving up a long, winding mountain road. You are surrounded by some of the most picturesque scenery in the world. It is an alpine paradise. Snow covered mountains dotted with fir and pine, crisscrossed by crisp mountain streams and when you breathe in, the air is frosty and clean.

Now picture that you are surrounded by people you love and you reflect upon the lives of those whom you wish could be here with you, but cannot be for one reason or another.

Am I dead?

Well, the dead cannot drive cars and I’m guessing here but I doubt there is a need for the dearly departed to see or smell but I may be wrong. No, I’m on my way to Deer Valley for a few days of relaxation for the Thanksgiving holiday and I am eagerly anticipating spending time with my wife, my sons and my in-laws.

I’m grateful for my mother in-law

My mother in-law has been a blessing to me and my family. It was her idea (and her philanthropic spirit) to take the short trip up to Deer Valley. She loves us. Not just because she’s willing to spend the resources to give us a nice holiday. I know this because she has genuine concern for us; she is interested in our lives and makes every effort to be a part of the comings-and-goings of our very chaotic household. She has given us her time, her energy, her assistance in more ways than just monetarily and for that I am truly grateful for her and her sacrifices. It

I’m grateful for God’s green earth

I have lived in Utah nearly all of my life except for stints in the islands and my birthplace California. While I growing up here in Utah I’ve experienced some of the most beautiful country found on this earth. I never imagined I would enjoy the outdoors as much as I do now but there is something about standing in the middle of Zions National Park, Capitol Reef, Arches National Park, floating on Lake Powell or driving along the East Fork or Alpine Loop that makes you feel so insignificant and yet so much a part of the world. It is as inspiring as diving down into the eternal abyss of the Pacific Ocean or standing atop Mount Vaea overlooking Apia and its harbor.

I have had the opportunity and blessing to travel the world and everywhere I go there is something, natural or man-made that is rousing and stimulating about our world.

I’m grateful for little pleasures

When we are young we are so eager to grow up. So much so that we often miss the things that seem trivial at the time but are thought provoking in hindsight. Like the smell and taste of koko Samoa or the mundane process that provided us with the end product. What about the touch of another human being that provides us with a myriad of emotions? I enjoy reading nearly as much as I enjoy writing but there is nothing so intimate and worthwhile as connecting with another person’s soul. Little things have become bigger things because we slow down to enjoy and celebrate life instead of plowing through it full steam.

Today I promise to be grateful for everything and everyone that I’m often grateful for but I’m going to look a little bit deeper and find pure meaning for my gratitude.

4 thoughts on “Find pure meaning in your gratitude

  1. Plus 1 to all of the above Seti! And I’m thankful I found your blog… full of great reminders.

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