What do you think about LeFolauga – The Journey?

Your feedback would be helpful in providing you with fresh, engaging material in 2012. Please take a brief moment to participate in the poll and provide your comments and feedback about the information you have found on LeFolauga.com.

Enjoy your New Year’s celebrations and may 2012 be a prosperous one.

8 thoughts on “What do you think about LeFolauga – The Journey?

  1. Love ur blog. U say things that people wouldn’t say or better then anyone could say. You have a great talent with ur writing. Ur writing has touched many lives. I know personally by reading it, u have put things in perspective. My vote is a million times is YES keep writing.

  2. You have saved my life literally on many occasions without even realizing it. So hell yeah I say keep on blogging bro! 🙂 hugs! or should I say, no it sucks arse! lmao! jokes! you do have a powerful way with words that get people to think…. I know I do and I always love that! Proud to be Polynesian especially when you represent us so well! keep on keeping on my bro!

    1. Thanks so much Lloyd and I’ve enjoyed your comments this past year as well. It has really helped motivate me to keep blogging. Always good to hear from you.

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