Thank you 2011, Welcome 2012

When I started this blog a year ago I had just two simple goals in mind: 1) To write on a consistent basis and 2) To fine-tune my craft.

I did fairly well on the first goal although I feel like I could have done better. Some months were good and on other months I nearly disappeared. But I was able to write a minimum of two posts each month.

The second goal was not as measurable as the first but I did find that I learned more from the exercise of writing throughout the year as I posted new subject matter. During the process I learned a little more about myself, my writing style and a lot about my strengths and weaknesses as a writer and as a person.

Aside from these two goals, there were a handful of reasons for starting the blog, all of them personal, none of those purposes were external. Yet I found through the comments expressed throughout the year, often by people whom I had never met before and have grown to know and love, that this blog helped them with challenges that I thought I was facing alone.

I never intended for this blog to speak to the masses. My initial purposes as stated in the beginning were to help pursue a personal goal, but it has evolved into something much more and I’m grateful to all of those who have shared their thoughts and feelings on the wide range of topics that I wrote about in 2011.

I now look forward to another year and the challenges ahead. Like most, I have written down my laundry list of items that I hope to accomplish in 2012 – Some call them resolutions. I will call it my “Determination List” because the word ‘determination’ gives one the feeling that it holds harsher consequences if I don’t make them happen.

It is a rather lengthy list; some of the items I’ve listed are to help me be a better father, husband, brother and friend. Other things are mentioned to help me be a better, well-rounded person. And of course, there are things on my “Determination List” to improve my financial situation by working on my career choices and ambitions.

I am looking forward to another productive year in every aspect of my life. I am very grateful to all of you who have made the “Le Folauga – The Journey” experiment a meaningful experience for me. I hope that this year will provide me with more opportunities to share my thoughts and experiences with the world and hope that this will inspire more of you to share your own insights before the year is over.

My special thanks to my wife and sons – they are often the subject of my material; some good, some bad. They have been good sports for putting up with my writing as well as my fatherly and spousal ineptitude. I love them dearly and pray that 2012 brings us many of the same blessings and opportunities that brought us closer as a family in 2011.

I wish you all a belated Happy New Year and look forward to sharing the journey with you in 2012.

4 thoughts on “Thank you 2011, Welcome 2012

  1. You truly have a gift and I really and truly enjoy what you write..Looking forward to reading what inspires you this year. Happy New Year bro… Much alofas from our end in Provo hahaha

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Norma – I’m hoping to expand and provide reviews on restaurants and food this year so keep your calendar open. Alofa atu ma ia manuia lenei tausaga fou.

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