I had a rough day yesterday. Not a bad day because I’m trying to avoid the word bad in my vocabulary, but a rough, tough, dragged out and beat up behind the barn with a baseball bat kind of day. We all have them and throughout the course of a year we tend to have a few depending on what is going on in life.

I will not go into the details but I will say this – sometimes life just drags you down. There are days when nothing seems to be going right and when those days appear (usually it’s immediately after you say the words ‘today is going to be a good day’), I don’t know about you but I have a really hard time getting my mind off discouraging thoughts.

Sadly, when days like yesterday happen for me, everyone in the family feels it. My wife was home for a day from her job and kept looking at me wondering what could possibly make me look and feel like I had just witnessed a whole bus of children drive straight into a lake. My sons now recognize the signs of a bad day on my face and the way my shoulders slump and avoid me like I’m the technology police come to remove all communication and digital devices from our home and throw them in a bonfire. Nothing seemed to be going in my favor.

Have you ever had one of those days? A dozen of those days?

Well, here are some things that I think YOU should do when you’re having one of those days. Some of them are good for just releasing tension. Some of these things are not for the lighthearted. All of them are an invention of my imagination.

1)      Eat soap

2)      Drive to a farm and dance your heart out in the middle of a pig sty

3)      Find a frozen lake and jump in

4)      Go skiing – with your skies on backwards

5)      Go snowboarding – on your stomach face first

6)      Drive to WalMart and tell everyone you see, “They let me out of the psych hospital”

7)      Drive to the Psych Hospital and ask them to please let you in

8)      Buy a 32oz. Slurpee and drink it as fast as you can

9)      Put a whole can of shaving cream in your hair and leave it there

10)   Act out a scene from Macbeth at a busy bus stop

11)   Ride a horse backwards

12)   Stand in a corner facing the wall for an hour while your kids pelt you with candy

13)   Shave your hair off

14)   Glue your hair back on

15)   Shave your eyebrows off

16)   Donate your eyebrows to a doll factory for doll hair replacements

17)   Fill your pockets with frozen peas and leave them there all day

18)   Empty the peas from your pockets and make split pea soup

19)   Shower with all of your clothes on

20)   Air dry with your clothes on after your shower

21)   Call a mortuary and tell them you’re not dead yet

22)   Stand in the middle of a busy mall and shout “I’m the king of the world!”

23)   Ride a tricycle to work

24)   Try to ‘plank’ a fire hydrant

25)   Hug someone you love and tell them that tomorrow we’ll start all over again

WARNING: PLEASE if you haven’t already guessed, you should NOT take any of these things seriously. These are just some of the things I think of and laugh out loud to myself because the thought of doing any of these things is just silly. Rough days, yes even bad days are hard to overcome but they can be. So please try to find the humor in every situation.

It could be worse!