Got a problem? Kill them

I’ve said the words myself…many times – “I’m going to kill you.” But when I uttered those words they were often in jest, rarely was I serious. I admit that there are times, even now, when I get so angry that everything in my mind shuts off for a time and the only thing I can feel is absolute rage. Don’t worry, I’ve learned to control that rage over the years but it took a long time and a lot of hard lessons to get to this point. But there has never been a moment in time while whittling away the hours, when I had a conscious thought about taking the life of another human being.

There must have been kids when I was a teenager who thought of these things right? I just didn’t hear of them when I was growing up. I know of girls who got pregnant, kids who robbed convenience stores, guys who loved to tag train cars and the sides of buildings, I even grew up with kids who loved to fight… a lot! But I can’t for the life of me remember hearing of kids shooting up schools, plotting bomb attacks and committing thrill killings.

Which is why, I am perplexed every time I read or hear of stories like the one here in Roy, Utah where teens planned to blow up a portion of a local high school, or the sordid tale of a teenage girl who has been sentenced to life in prison for the brutal killing of a child. What was Alyssa Bustamante’s reason for doing it? She just wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone.

But kids and teens aren’t the only ones out of control these days. The world is outraged at the absolute cowardly, evil actions of Josh Powell, the Washington state father who was the prime suspect in his wife Susan’s disappearance in Utah two years ago. It is one thing to take your own life, something totally sinister and self-serving to take the lives of your two, innocent children and quite possibly their mother.

And what of the senseless murder of a Virginia University lacrosse player Yeardley Love, who was found in a pool of her own blood two years ago? The trial for her former boyfriend began this week and more details of George Huguely show a manipulative, abusive young man who committed a heinous crime of passion and rage.

So if you are depressed, angry or frustrated is this what we can expect from people who think that there is no other way to solve a problem except to bash a person’s head in? If we are ‘just interested in death and how it would feel to kill someone, can we expect that someone wondering these things is going to hop out of a bush and slit someone’s throat? Not getting along with your spouse, partner, significant other? How about a nice chicken salad laced with arsenic? Need to get your ex-wife off your mind? Easy, push her car off a cliff!

This is where the world is rapidly heading and how can you tell if someone has been plotting your killing? Sadly, you cannot and worse still, how can anyone suspect when they appear to be so normal? What do you think of this ongoing trend to end someone else’s life to give your own validation?

5 thoughts on “Got a problem? Kill them

  1. Everyone needs to feel validated. If someone has gone a longtime, let alone a lifetime, with out it they find ways to get it, positive or negative. There are so many factors that contribute to these extreme cases. Sad, but evil nonetheless.

    Kind of graphic there bro, I started looking over my shoulder. haha

  2. None of the people you mentioned were born as murderers. Of course, we all have it in us, but hopefully our upbringing and moral compasses keep the rage contained. And it is unfortunate, but humans killing each other is as old as Cain and Abel. What makes things worse in this day and age is that individuals become desensitised because the media reports murders every day, popular movies glamourise killing, and governments sanction war (and the inherent bloodshed) as a legitimate instrument of foreign policy. At a less obvious level, the language we use also plays a part. “I’d kill for a piece of chocolate cake!” or “He’s dead meat!” and I won’t even begin with the colourful Samoan threats…

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