I punched a boy and I liked it

I may regret the title of this post. Not because it’s seems remarkably similar to that catchy, racy Katy Perry song but because it immediately implies that I was the aggressor in some school yard brawl and I tagged some kid on the chin for stealing my Cheetos or riding my bike without my permission. I will never become famous for writing this blog either so I may as well have fun with it right?

No, I did not assault a boy – but this guy did and then he tried to pay him off which immediately triggered two thoughts in my head (yes, every now and then I have thoughts in my head): 1) This guy has screws loose and they are rattling around in his brain; 2) did he really think a bribe would make it all better?

How many times have you wanted to punch a teenage boy in the mouth? I confess, I’ve never wanted to punch a kid in the mouth, but I sure wanted to smack his parents for raising a spoiled little brat! So I’m curious to know why this guy thought that disciplining this boy for throwing a rock at his daughter was okay. My kids have done dumb things like that in the past but when I have an issue with a child, I direct my questions (and punches…not really…seriously) at that child’s parent or guardian. That’s the way that my parents dealt with issues and that is the way that most adults deal with these types of issues because no one has the right to assault or be abusive in any way towards a child for any reason.

Yes, the kid was out of line for (allegedly) throwing the rock at his daughter and I would have been angry too if it was my child that was being bullied by this teenager. But why would you complicate the issue by assaulting the kid and then asking him to keep quiet about the assault through bribery? That is so reminiscent of my childhood when I would kick my little brothers or sisters and then give them a piece of candy so that they would not tell dad who would deliver his own share of kicking to my hindquarters.

Then there is the story of this guy, who went to a party, got kicked out and then decided to beat another guy senseless on his way out. I doubt it would have received much air time on local news outlets except for the fact that this guy is an assistant coach for a very well-regarded football program. Yes, the guy that was beaten up was another adult, but the fact of the matter is, this is a guy who is mentoring young men. He is a guy who has an established pattern of behavior – when he doesn’t get his way, he behaves like a child.

I was that guy. Sometimes (especially when I’m behind the wheel of a car) I’m still that guy. But there are things that have happened in my life that have necessitated and expedited my rapid progression towards adulthood (or something close to it). I call this my “Daddy-Proofing” – these things help to serve as reminders that I’m a big boy who needs to think big boy thoughts and act in big boy ways in a big boy world:

1)      Family: This is a no-brainer. Nothing makes a man change his life like his family. I had beautiful parents (may they both rest in love and peace). They raised me right. I have a beautiful (patient) wife. I have totally awesome sons, incredible siblings and a host of extended family who are examples of humility, love and perseverance. With that much support, how can even dream of failing or disappointing them? We are all human with human failings, but having family around makes it harder for me to act like an idiot.

2)      God – I’m afraid of His wrath. Need I say more?

3)      Job – It’s harder to hold down a steady job when you do stupid things. Just ask guys who do stupid things

4)      Friends – Retired NFL player Chad Lewis wrote a book titled “Surround yourself with greatness”. My friends are part of the greatness in my life.

5)      My chin – I’m a lover, not a fighter and for good reason. I don’t have a jab, my chin is weak and I swing like a girl.

6)      My bones – They remind me every day that I’m too old to act like I have a chip on my shoulder. Unfortunately, some guys never listen to their bodies so they would rather lose brain cells having dust-up’s in the bar, on the court, in court and in life. Grow up!

7)      Rugby – and every other sport that I coach. If you have read my posts you are well aware of my passion for youth sports. I love running into these kids and their family outside of sports and seeing their growth and maturity. I would never be able to look them in the eye if I was mistreating another human being.

8)      Church goers – I teach gospel principles to youths in my church on a weekly basis. As in #7 of this list, I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t at least try to practice what I preach.

I get angry… a lot! I get annoyed… a lot! I have an opinion that is sometimes bizarre, other times silly and very seldom enlightening but it’s my opinion and when I can I will share it. My opinion on guys who whack kids, or guys who teach kids but act like kids too? Solitary confinement so that the only person they can hurt is themselves.

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