Happy Geek Pride Day

Who says geeks aren’t fun? By definition a geek is someone who is a boring, unattractive social misfit. Often characterized as an eccentric person of poor physical stature and socially inept, geeks are generally at the bottom of the junior high food chain. A geek is the prototypical underdog and a champion of the socially oppressed and I proudly embrace my inner geek.

The geek gods are known by their common human names like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg but their powers of telepathy, divination and perception make Harry Potter seem like a Whoopi Goldberg in an overdone Broadway adaptation of Ghost.

We geeks spend hours upon countless hours arguing the finer points of subjects like “Star Wars vs. Star Trek”.

We wonder who could possibly win the epic battle between Samurai vs. Ninja.

We teach our own self-defense courses in an effort to protect our citizens from the potential threat of world domination by The Borg Queen and her minions.

We spend most of our teenage life trying to avoid death and dismemberment.

We dig cool musicians like Rick Astley…

And when we are not playing World of Warcraft we are perfecting our super powers.

Truthfully we are just every day people who are really into cool (geeky) stuff, hot chicks and theme parties.

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