The people are tired

I do not speak for the general populous. I don’t run survey’s or polls, I don’t own metrics or data on public opinion nor do I have special insight into what market trends are for a specific product or a hot topic. Ask me what people think about skateboarders damaging store fronts and I’ll tell you “Go ask the store owners.” Ask me what people think about clothing-optional hotels in a school zone and I’ll probably say, “Go ask the guy wearing the invisible loin cloth.” But ask me direct question about how I feel about either of these two topics and I will tell you exactly how I feel.

I may also tell you what the general consensus is amongst my group of family and friends because I have instant access to their opinions when we are sitting around the barbecue munching on talo and palusami and washing down or agreements and disagreements with otai (a delectable fruit drink of Tongan origin) or vai fala (an equally delightful fruit drink from the Samoans). I’m in the habit of asking them questions to get their thoughts and opinions on things that are also concerns to my family because their opinions matter to me.

I do the same when I feel inclined to get the opinion of a random stranger about the topics that interest me too because it is important to understand an issue for various sources and from multiple angles. I do this because it is vital to be unbiased when making a decision on whether I’m for or against something. So I guess I do perform a bit of polling, run a few unscientific tests and survey’s to gauge what the people are saying.

I call this my “Am I crazy test” which basically means, if at least some of the people in and outside of my inner circle agree with me on something than I’m not insane and the voices in my head are still feeding me fairly good information.

This post refers to ‘the people’ as those whom I have talked to about certain issues that I have observed and feel need to be addressed – pronto for the sake of our citizens.

We are tired of armchair quarterbacks (this includes camp chair rocket scientists and waiting lounge surgeons). If you don’t know what you are talking about; if you have never stared down a 300-lbs defensive tackle; if you have never worked for NASA or discovered a new species of plant or animal – shut up! We appreciate your opinion but ironing out my weave at the beauty college while watching NFL games does not make you a football coach. Reading about Sally Ride (may she RIP) in the July 2012 Reader’s Digest does not make you an astrophysicist. We are tired of people moaning and groaning about things they know nothing about and forcefully imposing their opinions on the people who are doing their best to do their jobs. Step back, shut up and put your thoughts on paper and drop it in the suggestions box.

We are tired of subject matter experts – This is the ‘little brother’ to the armchair quarterback. He is the guy who knows it all and thinks that he needs to share it all. He is the guy who will watch you do something and then begin every criticism with, “Oh I wouldn’t do it that way,” or “You should really think about this first.” First of all, I didn’t ask your opinion and second, I was a child of the ‘measure twice, cut once’ generation. Our parents are lived on the ‘Waste not, want not’ philosophy and in my books that now means, you’re wasting your air and I don’t want your opinion.

We are tired of modeling scams and fake television auditions – I know people who have been approached to appear in commercials, awarded fake modeling or acting contracts and then realize that they were (or were nearly) exploited by someone who just wanted their money. Well, the same thing happens when kids tryout for a [insert your sport of choice here] team only to realize later that they were just running around to give people the appearance that they had a chance to make a team but the team has already been predetermined. Sound familiar? Well its very common when you have dads coaching a team and they are convinced (aren’t we all) that their son or daughter is going to be the next big star. Stop acting like you’re going to be fair and start thinking about what your real role as coach should be – to teach kids and give them a love of the sport.

We are tired of your Facebook envy – If you think everyone on Facebook has a better life than yours simply because their status updates are filled with fun, beautiful, exciting things that you never get to do than you really need to reevaluate your definition of fun. Stop telling me your life sucks because you don’t get to eat steak at a popular grill or go on trips to France, drive a Range Rover or make millions through your online business. Make some changes in your life and change your own status updates so that other people can envy you!

There are a lot more things that the people are tired of…but I’m too tired to write the rest in this post. If you’re tired of something, I would love to know. Leave me a tiring comment.

11 thoughts on “The people are tired

  1. I’m tired of vai mago. I’ve been drinking it all week. Lol. I know. Drink something else right? You try resisting my mother-in-laws yummy drink. Lol. Ia fa laia.

  2. I am tired of “DRAMA” and the semi-professional soap opera stars that are all too prevalent in today’s society. I wish I had a remote with a pause, mute, and a fast forward button that worked on some people. Now that would be cool. I will wait for Apple to come out with it and then sue them for using my idea.

    I would really like to try some “vai fala” and some “vai mago” sometime. Never had it, but it sure is making me thirsty.

  3. I’m tired of people who are quick to judge others and treat them like they are less important!

    1. I can’t agree with you more sis – treating anyone with anything less than love and compassion shows a lack of humanity and decency.

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