Turtleman! Turtleman! He’s our man!

The boys and I have a new guilty pleasure. His name is Ernie Brown, Jr. People call him “Turtleman”. In our house he is known as “Awesome”.

Why? Because in our house when you can simultaneously make all six men in our household laugh uncontrollably – the kind of laughing that can cause you to lose control of your bodily functions (okay maybe a TMI moment there but you get the picture) – than you are no longer considered an average human being. You are some kind of amazing.

Turtleman makes us laugh but his awesomeness goes beyond the funny factor.

  1. He’s himself – Do you know anyone who tries to be funny and ends up looking stupid funny instead? I happen to know a whole bunch of people like that and I may be a part of that group too. But Turtleman thrives on being weird, quirky and honest in a very funny way that makes him sincere and believable. The opposite of Turtleman would definitely be … pretty much all other reality TV families out there whose names I will not mention but I’m sure you will have no problem figuring out who they are.
  2. He enjoys himself – Ever been stuck in a job that absolutely sucks? But hey, we are still grateful to even have a job right now. Turtleman’s on the other hand pretty much created his own job by doing the things that he loves and because he loves and is so passionate about it, the guy is actually really good at it. It’s a thankless job and he sometimes he gets paid with a pile of wood, some scented candles and some homemade soap, but he enjoys his life and the service he does for his community and that’s all that matters.
  3. He’s not afraid – He doesn’t care about stereotypes, the dirty jobs or the perception that he is an economically challenged, filthy, under educated guy from a backwoods region that seems to speak their own dialect. There are people in the South who hate being represented by guys like Turtleman and they might have a valid excuse. I hate being stereotyped as a kava drinking, grass skirt wearing dim-witted islander. But I don’t think of all people in the South as being exactly like Turtleman. On the contrary; I think Turtleman is one of a kind and that is what draws me to him. He is singularly one of the most uniquely entertaining people on television today. I don’t know that all people from the South can lay hold to that claim.

Here’s a little sampling of Turtleman’s LIVE ACTION!

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