Not your average family portrait

What is wrong with these pictures? Just about everything imaginable. Or perhaps, these people used too much of their imagination? Whatever…these pictures really say more than a thousand words that no one really wanted to think or say. What words would you use?

“We photo-shopped in a picture of Roger from the orphanage for the family Christmas card. Isn’t he adorable in his new bathrobe?”

Taking your mom to the prom is never, never, never cool. Never!

“Dungeons and Dragons Rocks! We even got this cool Geomancer (posing with sword) to hop in our family photo.”

“I still remember the year we took that lame trip to Narnia.”

“Babe look! I’m soooo hot in this picture. You guys are cute too though….”

“They keep telling me that Sally looks so much like her dad. I just don’t see the resemblance.”

“Whoever smelt it dealt it mom!”

Harold: “I am the father!”
Gerald: “That’s not what Maury said.”
Maggie: “Ummm…guys, not right now please!”
Sarah: “You guys are all idiots!”

“Incredibles? Pft! Avengers? Yawn! We are so much cooler than all that!”

“Where did Clarence disappear to? Oh no! He’s hiding again.”

“Honey, let’s switch shirts…’ya know…just to give it a little more spice…a lil more pizzazz? Whadaya think?”

“Mom dumped her boyfriend Doug after this photo when she realized that her hair would never look as good as his.”

After seeing these photos I realized two things; 1) I need to burn all of our old family photos that could could come back to haunt me in the future and 2) there are people out there who are little more wacky than my own family.

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