Father’s love perfectly

I have no pretentions about my abilities as a father. Neither do my sons. When asked what animal would most accurately describe me one of my sons said without reservations or hesitation, “A bulldog.”

Think about that one for a moment – a bulldog. The characteristics of a bulldog are quite unimpressive: bowlegged, slobbering, lazy with a big mouth. I’m also expensive, my health is suspect and my mortality rate is woefully low. Okay, so I guess he’s not too far off the mark. My saving grace is that I’m fiercely loyal and I am very protective – if I were a real bulldog that is.

I’m not going to win any Father of the Year awards and I’m not even sure that I would be considered a good father by any Child & Family Services standards thanks to the number of times I’ve forgotten birthdays, forgotten diaper bags when they were younger, lost them in a department store or at the supermarket. If feeding your kids macaroni-and-cheese or ramen noodles five out of the seven days of the week is a felony than I should be serving a lifetime sentence somewhere and if walking out of the house without properly bundling your kids up in the dead of winter is an Olympic sport I would have been a serial gold medalist.

But there is one thing that I’ve never been accused of and that’s holding back the love that I feel for each one of my boys. I have poked and prodded them and I’ve even been harsh with them at times but I would truly give up my life if it meant that it would save one or all of my sons.

I found this video this morning and it accurately depicts what I feel a father must do for his child(ren). The closing statement truly defines what a father’s love is and should be.

Am I wrong?

6 thoughts on “Father’s love perfectly

  1. Sole Seti,
    Great clip. There are indeed no perfect fathers, but fathers that love perfectly are gems. Good reminder for me today of my purpose on earth. Manuia le aso sole ma ua kakau ga oso se ka lunch..ua leva fo’i le koe vaai i lau susuga.

  2. Thank you for posting this.. My husband and I (step mom) have been going through a rough time with my step kids because we are back in court with their bio-mom. We believe they suffer from parental alienation syndrome and return with upside down faces when they come back from a weekend with their mom. The video helped me out a lot today. Whatever we go through, we are still parents no matter what. Thanks again.

    1. Sorry to read about the problems you’re having. Sometimes adults behave like children but I’m happy that you have a healthy, positive outlook on your role as a parent regardless of the negative backlash you often feel from the ‘other side’. Chin up and be happy that you’re doing the right thing.

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