In honor of today’s Veep debate I thought I’d pull one out of my “Banished from the iPod” folder. This song reminds me of Compton and the lonely days in the ‘hood with my brother Darius (A.K.A. D-Money), my sister Mandy (A.K.A. Queen Lalafah, Salt-N-Pou’s – just kidding I love you) and cousin Alyn shooting pool and wondering about what would have happened if Milli Vanilli (a song for another day) actually had real hair….and singing voices.

I don’t know who will win tonight’s debates but I do know one thing – when the victor walks away, he’s going to be wishing that he wore his parachute pants and didn’t have a shirt under his blazer so that he can move like Hammah, not like Jaggah (again, another song for another day).

In Samoa we sing – King Justice!