Day #2 of 3 Great Things Daily

1) Two of my sons invited their friends over to study and play games – this is a slow paradigm shift in the making. In the past we were the ‘not so cool house to hang at’ and we are liking the new thought process. It’s important that we know who they are “hanging” with.

2) Someone admired my writing – this still baffles me because I still feel like the artist who has to die before anyone validates my work. But it is still nice to know that there are people out there in the wide, wide world who think I can put together two sentences that make sense. I am very grateful for this small miracle.

3) My wife laughed at one of my jokes – that has become a rare but altogether blissful experience. Any day that I can make her smile is a beautiful day especially with the hub-bub of day to day living. She smiles, I smile – that’s worth a million bucks.