Christopher Krumm killed his dad, James Krumm and his dad’s girlfriend Heidi Arnold, both professors at Casper College. This is no longer a rare occurrence. Each day we read, hear or see people dying at the hands of their loved ones for one reason or another. In this sad case the motive behind the killings is so asinine and unfair that I cannot even connect the dots to make a substantive picture of it all.

According to reports, the younger Krumm killed the older Krumm because he believes that his father ‘gave’ him Asperger’s Syndrome and that he should be castrated to prevent him from having more children.

Unfortunately this dude is not the only kid who thought to blame his dad (or mom) for some flaw in his health, character, economic situation or social status. How many of us have blamed our parents for having a big nose, bad metabolism, squat legs, brown eyes, crooked teeth and an angry disposition? Okay maybe that’s just me but you get my point right? Blaming genetics for your problems is a lot like being mad at a cow for eating a strawberry bush and yet it still cannot produce strawberry milk. It is against the laws of nature.

So to be fair to Christopher Krumm, I have created my own list of things that my dad should (have) died for:

  1. For giving me life – I didn’t ask to be born but he and my mom got together, fell in love and suddenly there I was spitting out mashed peas from both ends and filling their house with strange baby noises.
  2. For teaching me about life – I had no desire to learn about birds and bees, how to be a good kid, how to work hard and all that other crap they taught me as a kid. Dad would ask me stupid questions like “What do you want to be when you’re older?” and all I could think was, “Can you just leave me alone?”
  3. For providing food and shelter – All I wanted to do was run wild with the animals, tear meat off a carcass that I had hunted down on my own, drink from a stream bloated with the carcasses of other dead animals and wear their skins. Yet dad and mom insisted I sit up straight, eat my vegetables, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and do my laundry so I dressed decent. Stupid.
  4. For loving my uniqueness – I had rebel in my genes that must have skipped a generation because all dad wanted to do was help other people, read books and pray. But even though I was a bit different, they never asked me to conform and they never condemned me for being weird. Instead they loved me harder. Total waste of effort.
  5. For my plain looks – My dad was a good looking guy and my mom was gorgeous. If the ‘different’ gene skipped a generation than the good looks passed me over too. How in the world do two good looking people manage to have an offspring with such a mangled and disproportionate face?
  6. For a work ethic – Seriously? Did dad always have to be such a hard worker? Did he always have to set aside time to help people at church, in the community or random strangers on the street? Worse, did he have to be such an example of service that I have to feel guilty when I don’t do the same? Lame.
  7. For gentle reminders – Dad did not force his agenda on anyone but he made extra efforts to remind us that there is more to life than money, prestige, power and wealth. What? No wonder I’m dirt poor. My dad didn’t give me that win at all costs attitude and that just sucks.

I don’t want to make light of Christopher Krumm’s illness because Asperger’s Syndrome is very serious and requires a lot of time and attention to manage and treat. But the manner in which his father and his father’s girlfriend were killed is sad and unfortunate. I blamed my parents for a lot of frivolous and inconsequential things but I’m so glad that I realized and expressed gratitude for all the wonderful things that they did for me while they were alive.

What have you blamed your parents for and what things are you grateful to them for?