3GTD – November 6, 2012

1)      A fireplace – Super Mom loves the smell of a wood burning stove. She loves the sight of a roiling fire and the rising heat emitting from the flames. I think she’s a closet pyromaniac but she’s a cute one so I’m keeping her. I love the fact that having a wood burning fireplace in our home cuts down on our natural gas bill during the winter months. As an added bonus, during the holidays a fire somehow helps us get into the Christmas spirit. Strange I know but it does. It also helps ward off strange men in red suits trying to jump down the chimney.

2)      A walk-in freezer – Me, my sons and several members of our church family spent the evening stocking shelves and filling freezer items at our church’s local Bishop’s Storehouse. This facility provides groceries and other necessities for families in need. We all do this once a month, volunteering our time to help others who are suffering economically and financially. It only takes an hour or so depending on how many of us show up but I would gladly do it for as long as I need to knowing that it is for a great cause.

3)      A loyal friend – I took a stab in the dark and asked a friend to help me out on a project that I have been thinking about for some time now. I wasn’t sure that he would be interested because like me, he is very careful who he works with. Trust is a very important thing in friendships and I try my best to develop and maintain that trust with everyone. No sooner had I sent my request when I received a phone call from my friend stating that he would love to help and support me anyway that he can. That means a lot to me and speaks volumes about him and his character. Thanks Spud!

One thought on “3GTD – November 6, 2012

  1. yeah good idea about preventing strange men coming down the chimney…lol! who thot that was a good idea for kids? smh! Craziness! hahaha…jks! Satan Santa in my opinion. Anything that leads people away from the true meaning of Christmas. All about the Christ Child and how we can show our love for him.

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