3GTD – November 7, 2012

1)      Red carpet – I had a busy schedule at work and Super Mom was out of town for work so our oldest son took our youngest son to the premiere of “Christmas Oranges” at Lehi High School yesterday. It was a special event for our youngest because the librarian at his elementary school wrote the book “Christmas Oranges” which was made into a movie and all the kids in his school were treated to a special screening. Our youngest thought it was pretty cool that his older brother got to take him and I’m sure our oldest (even though he acted blasé) enjoyed taking his little brother. I think they’ll both remember it for the rest of their lives.

2)      Playdoh ice cream and slushies – What would we do without awesome grandma’s and aunties? My sons have benefited greatly from the love, concern and support shown to them by the women on both sides of their family. Grandma showed up with two huge tubs of ice cream for our little guy who is recovering from surgery on Tuesday. His aunt Alisha has been by several times to check on him and bring him treats. Men don’t do this kind of thing which is another reason I’m so grateful for the women in my life.

3)      A box full of fruit – The Bishop (our version of a pastor) from our local Ward (our version of a pastor’s congregation), came by last night to bring us a box of fruit and to ask how we are doing. We had a great visit. I get the feeling he had the impression that he needed to pay a special visit to us last night and I’m not sure why, but I do know that it feels good to know that people think of us and are watching out for us even when we are unaware. “Is everything okay and is there something that I can do to help you out?” Nope, you’ve already helped us plenty just by showing you care.

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