3GTD (and a few more) – December 10, 2012

Weekends for a dad and a husband are consumed by – daddy and husband things. But I am glad to say that I still recorded some things that happened even though I did not post them here on LeFolauga. So to make up the slack, here are some great things that happened over the weekend.

1)      Gas fumes – one of the things that has always freaked me out is running out of gas. I’m particularly wary of running out of gas in a snowstorm with my family in the car. Well there was not a snowstorm over the weekend but it’s been colder than it has been since last winter. I knew that I was running low on gas but rather than take a moment out of the hustle and bustle of the day to fill ‘er up I just kept going. Midnight on Friday rolls around and I have to start picking kids up from one end of town to the other and of course, I’m running on empty and I’m at least 10 miles from the closest gas station. So I did what any sensible guy would do – I pull over and say a prayer. Then I start coasting as much as I possibly can until I sputter into a gas station. The kids were oblivious but that prayer was definitely answered. Crisis averted.

2)      Hello Mr. President – last week I told you about my 7th Grade sons’ bid for his class presidency. Well he came home all smiles on Friday evening with the news that he had in fact been elected class president. His face was aglow with the achievement and we are so happy for him because he really needed the confidence boost. Now it’s time for him to take his responsibilities seriously and represent his classmates well. Congrats son!

3)      Breaking curfew – this is not a great thing. This is not even a good thing. Breaking curfew in my day was the equivalent of kicking my dad in the crotch and spitting in his eyes, both of which I never dreamt of doing. Son No. 2 broke curfew, had a valid excuse but unfortunately did not follow protocol to inform us where he was at midnight. So what is the silver lining on this story? He was absolutely heartbroken that he had broken his promise and vowed never to get stuck on a commuter rail or forget to call in and tell us that he was okay. Apology accepted. I love you son!

4)      A new little niece – I have wonderful siblings. I thought my days of welcoming new nieces and nephews were over. Thank God for little miracles. One of my brothers and his wife had a son in the fall and one of my sisters just had a baby on Saturday morning. That is all kinds of awesome in my book. Congratulations sis!

5)      Dependability – this is a lesson that I have taken decades to understand and incorporate in my life. I have not mastered it yet, but I am well on my way to conquering a trait that is rapidly becoming a lost art, especially amongst our young people. Early Saturday morning I had some meetings to attend. After a late night watching Manu Samoa getting crushed in the early pool rounds of the South Africa Sevens tournament it took every effort and every ounce of strength to fumble out of bed and get ready in time to be off for my meetings. I’m grateful to the wonderful people whom I met with that morning and their trust. I’m still trying to be better at being dependable (I still forgot another meeting with friends later that afternoon) and I’m renewing that effort again in the New Year.

6)      Quality no quantity – I was reminded of this lesson yesterday in church services. I recognize that sometimes I spend a lot of time with my family but it’s not exactly quality time. Many times we are together but our heads are buried in our electronic devices rather than interacting and being engaged with each other. I am recommitting to spend quality time with my family and being actively engaged in our conversations. In the evening hours I will set aside my gadgets to be more focused on my family. This is vital to the strength, stability and unity in our home.

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