3GTD – December 11, 2012

1)      Rugby in the snow – Yes it is December and yes, there is snow on the ground but it is never too early to start planning for rugby especially since we are anticipating our opening match for the 2013 season to be March 9th. This will be the 12th season for our club and we are looking forward to some great things happening. What is essentially our third crop of players who started playing rugby as freshmen will be playing varsity this year and we are excited to see coach them through another year of rugby. I just can’t wait!

2)      A commuter rail – yesterday my lovely wife hopped on the new UTA Frontrunner line that runs from Provo to Salt Lake and on through to Ogden. From Salt Lake she was supposed to hop on the airport express but her mom (who is always such a great help to us) picked her up and drove her from midtown to the airport. We are both calling the experiment a success. Some pluses for us: 1) she gets to read a book, catch up on scholarship applications for the boys and enjoy the ride into town; 2) We save gas as well as wear-and-tear on our vehicles and finally 3) that’s one less thing on my multi-tasking list to worry about because she got there safe and sound. Win!

3)      A passionate coach – I have coached my boys in multiple sports throughout most of their childhood and youth. On the rare occasion that I cannot coach them for one reason or another and they are coached by someone else, it is comforting to know that they are in the good, capable hands of guys who are teaching them sports and life skills. For the past 3 years No. 4 has been in the very qualified and efficient hands of Brock Smith, a guy who has become a dear friend of our family and who has the best interests of his players at hand. He treats our son like he is his own and for that we are extremely grateful. We are very grateful for wonderful guys like Brock.

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