Somewhere over California

I’m on an airplane and the first thing that strikes me is this – what kind of parent buys there kids (a girl and a boy) every electronic device known to man? We haven’t even pulled out of the gate, in fact they haven’t even pulled the jetway and these kids have Beats (Executive) headphones clapped over their melons both of them nodding to something Justin Bieber-ish and a Kindle Fire resting on top of an Apple iPad.

I want to ask their parents if they have started saving for the next toy, say a 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe or something less flashy like a 2013 Porsche Boxster S but I don’t want to be too forward and besides, judging by the couples’ expensive looking attire (I’m comparing this to my old sweater and jeans that I’ve been wearing since yesterday evening because I got stuck in San Francisco International Airport doing some people watching), this couple has the means to splurge on a few toys and more.

I’m ready to pull out my decrepit Gateway laptop and show the kids how we kick it ‘ol Skool but realize that by the time it boots up we could be making our final descent into San Luis Obispo Airport. That’s 45 minutes of embarrasing snickering that I will never get back in my life.

When is enough…enough? I many never know because I may never simultaneously have an iPhone, Kindle Fire, Beats Headphones and a iPad in this life. This laptop is so low key…and sadly so low tech.

An older Tongan couple is arguing about whether or not the guy in the seat in front of them is Tongan or Samoan and I think they have concluded that he is Samoan because Tongan boys are talavou and this Samoan guy didn’t bother to comb his wild and crazy hair. I suppress a giggle until I realize that there talking about the only other Polynesian looking guy on the plane – me! Hey take it easy famili I just spent the night in the pretzel position in the airport.

The young couple in the matching BYU sweatshirts can’t be more than nineteen years old apiece and yet they are obviously in love – as in love as two young people can be and yet they haven’t said a single word to each other because they are too enthralled by whatever it is they are watching on their laptop. Is this the new mating ritual of the young? “Hey babe, let’s get really crazy and watch something on Netflix!”

This is going to be an interesting day. I need to get out and away from these airports and airplanes or my head will never stop this wild spinning.

4 thoughts on “Somewhere over California

  1. Hilarious! I’ve missed your posts!! Thanks for the laugh Seti. Unfortunately my phone and iPad are extensions of my ears and hands…..guilty.

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