Life of a Rugby Dad – Day One

USASevens 2013_bLas Vegas, NV — Years ago I took my oldest son to his very first rugby tournament in San Diego. Up until that point the only time they had been exposed to the game was watching me in tight fitting shorts with 14 other guys in tight fitting shorts and worn out jerseys sputtering through games that were heavy (literally) on the trash talking and psychological aspect of the game and very light on real action. So when he finally got the chance to see good, international representative rugby he was hooked and a rugby fanatic was born.

Up until that time I had attended the USA Sevens tournament from Carson to San Diego and now in Las Vegas on my own because I didn’t think that they would not be interested in watching rugby. Now they look forward to our annual trek to Las Vegas every February and even their mother is addicted to the sport.

USASevens 2013_aThis is the very first year that the boys have been invited to play with a Utah representative team for Utah. We have been here since yesterday and today it has been a day chock full of rugby. I’ve packed on some extra poundage thanks to massive amounts of Dr. Peppper, a nearly unlimited supply of food at the local Vegas buffets and non-stop snacking.

Tomorrow, the next day and the day after that it will be more of the same. I have lived a gluttonous life since this adventure began, but I am so blessed to be able to watch my two oldest boys play some top-level rugby, watch my beloved Manu Samoa in the USA Sevens and spending quality time with my family in the warm desert clime of Las Vegas. I love this rugby dad lifestyle.

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