You better take a walk!

Nature-WalkYesterday I blew my lid and things just kinda boiled over. Today after simmering in the sauce I feel better. Not completely out of sorts but calm and thoughtful enough to keep my head clear and able to cope with the necessities of life.

It was a mess before the day started and it became a bigger mess as the day wore on. I did nothing to appease or improve the situation but rather confounded the matter more with my often erratic and overly emotional response to certain situations.

In my past life, as a child and into my teens and young adulthood, my mother would look me dead in the eye and say, “You better take a walk!” At the time I thought she was just trying to get rid of me and when my head wasn’t right it seemed like the worst thing to do was send an unstable and volatile person on his way and hope that he didn’t get into worse trouble. Thankfully, moms know a thing or two about their kids, particularly moms who raise hot-blooded, impulsive boys and walking off a head full of steam was exactly what I needed.

If I were to calculate the miles I walked as a kid I would not be surprised to find the figure somewhere in the tens of hundreds of miles. That’s a lot of walking. It’s also a lot of anger, frustration, thinking and deliberating for a young mind. It was also an ideal time for me to not just cool down, but to really consider my thoughts and my actions.

These days I don’t do as much walking as I did in my youth but I still have a way to cope with those moments when it feels like there is so much weighing me down. Nowadays I do more of what I love most to get my mind off the pressures and stress of the day – I write. Sometimes it is nonsensical stuff, other times it is something that is profound but more importantly it is therapeutic. I pour into my writing every ounce of my soul. It calms me and gives me purpose. It allows me a time to focus my energy on positive things even when the subject matter is pessimistic or something undesirable.

Over the years writing has been a guilty pleasure. It is both an outlet for creativity and a passage to my soul. My writing has become my walk down memory lane and my purview of the future.

Yesterday my writing was emotional – today my writing is meditative and such is life. We have moments like I did yesterday but we thankfully have days like I did today. I am blessed to have something that I can delve into that does not harm others or myself but rather soothes and comforts me.

What do you do when you have days like I did yesterday? I’d love to hear what you do to ‘walk it off’.

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