Be ‘unlikely’

I was thumbing through a yearbook the other day and stumbled upon those funny little Senior Class Superlatives. You know, those funny little things that your entire senior class gets to vote on and then plaster your mug in the yearbook, sometimes in a funny get up and other times in deep reflection with your eyes facing the future?

Best Dressed

Most Likely to Succeed


Prettiest Eyes

Cutest Smile

Most Athletic


I’m not going to volunteer any information about my own senior year (I conveniently lost all of my yearbooks in a Samoan Tsunami) but I wonder, more than I wonder if those superlatives like ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ ever really panned out, what it would be like to go back and do a list of ‘Most Unlikely’ Superlatives. Not in the sense that it would encourage bullying (we don’t want that) but more along the lines of true forward thought and less attention to the mundane, frivolous and downright shallow. Given the opportunity to really ponder what really matters, whom do you think you would have nominated for these awards?

Most Unlikely to be dishonest in business dealings

Most unlikely to spread gossip

Most unlikely to put himself/herself before others

Most unlikely to take advantage of others

Most unlikely to lie in an interview

Is it over the top? Maybe but I wonder what it would be like if we woke up thinking up superlatives for ourselves based on the things that we thought might be very likely or maybe even unlikely to happen in the course of our day.

Do you think Rosa Parks woke up one morning and thought, “Today I’m going to be a difference maker!” It’s highly unlikely but that day she did make a difference and shed light on something that was fundamentally wrong in American society. She wasn’t voted to as someone who was going to make a difference, but she did and the world is a better place for it.

Give yourself a superlative a day and see how it changes your outlook and the course of your life. Make it positive. Let it have an impact on another life. When you walk out of your door every day to meet the world, let it be with confidence that you are somebody on a mission to be better than the moment you voted yourself “Most Unlikely to be a slave to the whims of other people.”

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