News that makes you say WTH? 9/10/13

angry dadDad’s justice
If you’re a person who follows the rules and lives the laws of the land you may not agree with vigilante justice but this story and many like it might give you cause to rethink your stance on taking the law into your own hands.

What would you do if you come across a person peeping into your windows at your son or daughter? What would you do if that person was stark naked and peeping into your windows at your son or daughter? Well that happened to Emilio Chavez III in Albuquerque, NM when he caught a peeping Tom doing exactly that outside his window and he showed the perpetrator exactly what he thought of his actions – Chavez beat him senseless and sent him to the hospital.

Now Chavez is facing a longer prison sentence for the beating than the actual peeper. Do you think justice has been served? I personally think Chavez was justified although maybe a tad bit excessive – but then again, I’ve never been in that situation so I don’t know how I would react.

Pushed too far?
Jordan Linn Graham is facing up to life in prison for pushing her husband of just over a week, Cody L. Johnson off a cliff at Glacier National Park in Montana. This is becoming all too familiar these days – People get married; they find out they hate each other; they end up on the evening news because one of them killed the other and/or killed themselves and/or both.

People, marriage is hard but throwing your spouse off a cliff used to be allegorical and expression of frustration – we don’t actually carry it out. Or do we? This seems to be the way of the world now – you can’t figure things so you kill them. You can’t walk away, you have to win so kill them. You can’t stand the thought of them getting away with breaking your heart or shattering your dreams so you kill them. You just plain hate them so you kill them.

We live in a world where people think that spousal/partner violence is acceptable; where arbitration is a thing of the past; where counseling is considered a waste of resources and time. I get the frustration because marriage can be that at times but I just can’t understand how you get to the point where it becomes okay to take another person’s life – especially someone that you once loved.

Good luck Ms. Graham – I hope your prison cell is on the ground level.

Beaten for taking a stand
Bullies are the lowest and basest type of human being. They are vile people who take advantage of others, threaten, intimidate and humiliate others on the school grounds, in the workplace, in public and on the Internet. Bullies should not be tolerated and that is the attitude that retired Marine Captain Wen Jones took when he saw a man and his 14-year-old boy being bullied by three 20-something males at Juno Beach Park in Florida.

Rather than stand by and let the three men physically intimidate the man and his son, Jones stepped in and nearly paid with his life. The three younger men proceeded to kick, punch and severely beat Jones to the point where he was taken to the hospital after authorities arrived on the scene.

What the bullies did was bad – but what was equally loathsome in this and in many stories like it is the fact that rather than assist Jones and the initial victim, people stood by and videotaped the beating! We live in a time when people would rather enjoy the footage and talk about what happened rather than getting involved.

Good job Florida – you must be waiting for another Trayvon Martin before you see the injustice

Shut it all off
I always talk about shutting off technology and bringing back the days when kids rode bikes, climbed trees and actually talked face-to-face with other people. Well these people in Canada (don’t start) are actually doing it and it doing it well.

It’s a hard sell for a guy who works in the software industry to actually do something like this but I see a lot of advantages in telling my kids that we’re shutting off the phones, satellite TV, Internet and anything else that prevents you from interacting with us like normal human beings from a bygone era. We don’t need to see what the neighbors are eating on Instagram, we don’t need to know why our friends are arguing on Facebook and we definitely don’t need to Tweet about our bathroom habits so let’s go outside and throw the ball, take a hike and jump in a lake.

It’s what we used to do and we can do it again.

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