Weekend Video Awards – Week 1

The week has been a busy one but I wanted to provide you with an end of week feature called “Weekend Video Awards”. In this weekly update I’ll post new video’s from the week that I found interesting and engaging. Some of them are funny, some of them inspirational, some of them sentimental but all of them (at least to me) are engaging. I hope you’ll find this to be true for you.

Memories – This video brought back a lot of my own memories of time spent with my own father. We had some of our own financial setbacks throughout life but through it all, dad worked hard to provide and so did my mom. This is one of those ‘Pay it Forward’ moments that’s worth watching.

Hilarious – Nothing beats candid moments with loved ones, especially when they are acting weird and outlandish. Like this poor young girl who has just come of her dentists office and believes that she is a NASCAR driver. This video proves two things: 1) NASCAR fans are hardcore and 2) laughing gas has benefits for all of us!

Give Up – This one is a reminder to all fathers that your time as the fastest and strongest guy on the block are over. Leave it to the young guys. On the other hand, it also serves as a reminder to the young guys, that dad may be a little slower but he has gained a lot of experience along the way.

Finally, the Legacy Award goes to Jim Carrey who reminisces about his days as a child and admiring his dad’s storytelling ability. Jim has carried on the tradition as he writes and reads his own stories with his own children.

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